age author description
2020-11-09 Dimitris Bilidas bug in google maps keydefault tip
2020-11-09 Dimitris Bilidas geotools repository changed
2020-02-25 Dimitris Bilidas Pushing limit in inner node when spatial function is present in query
2018-05-11 Konstantina Bereta Updated ChangeLog
2018-05-11 Konstantina Bereta added an option to queryOp store results in file
2018-03-06 Themis Beris Update changelog to include ASK support
2018-03-06 themis Add ASK queries support
2017-10-25 Theofilos Ioannidis Amends changedset 1544
2017-10-25 Theofilos Ioannidis Fixed bug #85 (Modified connection properties do not take effect in Endpoint)
2017-10-24 George Stamoulis Merged file with the chnages of gstam and teo.
2017-10-11 George Stamoulis Added support for JSON, GeoJSON, HTML, KML, TSV when using http requests.
2017-10-11 George Stamoulis Added support for getting results in JSON, GeoJSON, TSV, HTML, KML when using http request to a strabon endpoint.
2017-10-11 George Stamoulis Added support for JSON, GeoJSON and KML when we using http requests.
2017-10-10 Konstantina Bereta updated postgres/postgis jdbc so that it is compliant with the new versions of postgresql and postgis
2017-10-10 Konstantina Bereta reverted dbname in endpoint connection properties file to default