log .hgignore

age author description
2012-11-29 Babis Nikolaou ignore file "endpoint-client/dependency-reduced-pom.xml" produced by shade maven plugin
2012-07-18 Babis Nikolaou added stderr/stdout.log to .hgignore
2012-07-10 Babis Nikolaou added stderr/out.txt to .hgignore
2012-06-05 Babis Nikolaou corrected hgignore (a file rproject would match expression .project).
2012-05-18 George Garbis Add TemplateTests for monetdb
2012-04-11 Kostis Kyzirakos Ignoring tomcat7 temp dir
2012-03-22 Kostis Kyzirakos clean up
2012-02-20 Kostis Kyzirakos modified hgignore to ignore eclipse specific files
2012-02-03 Giorgos Garbis add StoreOp, DescribeOp, QueryOp in runtime.postgis
2012-02-01 Giorgos Garbis update functionality added (not fully tested yet)
2012-01-27 Kostis Kyzirakos Strabon goes mercurial