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Modified the version of each artifact from xx.xx.xx-SNAPSHOT to xx.xx.xx-BranchName-SNAPSHOT.
As a result, each branch produces its own artifacts that are independent from the artifacts produced by different branches.

NOTE: After updating the source code of Strabon to the current revision, you need to update the eclipse projects to use the new pom.xml files.
author Kostis Kyzirakos <>
date Wed Mar 27 12:24:59 2013 +0200 (2013-03-27)
parents 961f2df15b72
children a1e2561b7c2c
line source
1 <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
3 <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion>
5 <parent>
6 <groupId>org.openrdf.sesame</groupId>
7 <artifactId>sesame-queryresultio-spatial</artifactId>
8 <version>3.2.8-temporals-SNAPSHOT</version>
9 </parent>
11 <artifactId>sesame-queryresultio-spatial-api</artifactId>
13 <name>OpenRDF Sesame: Spatial Query result IO - API</name>
14 <description>Spatial Query result IO API</description>
16 <dependencies>
17 <dependency>
18 <groupId>org.openrdf.sesame</groupId>
19 <artifactId>sesame-queryresultio-api</artifactId>
20 </dependency>
21 </dependencies>
22 </project>