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added to endpoint-client; corrected test that using geof:getSRID() with a strdf:transform function with an input a geo:wktLiteral constant; in such a case we cannot return CRS84 simply because strdf:transform creates strdf:WKT datatypes for which the default CRS is EPSG:4326
author Babis Nikolaou <>
date Tue Sep 23 13:16:47 2014 +0300 (2014-09-23)
line source
1 #! /bin/bash
3 echo > log.out
5 for f in `ls /home/ggarbis/out_triples/HMSG2_IR_039_s7_070825_*n3 | sort`; do
6 echo "Storing: $f" >> log.out
7 echo "Executing: ./endpoint store N3 -u file://$f" >> log.out
8 ./endpoint store http://localhost:8080/strabonTest/ N3 -u file://$f >> log.out
9 done