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date Tue May 06 17:03:42 2014 +0300 (2014-05-06)
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1 Sat Oct 19 23:37:23 2013 Pyravlos Team
3 * Revised the logos in Strabon Endpoint and the sample queries.
4 Results query limit is set to zero (unlimited).
5 Users can store from files and credentials are now required for uploading files or updating,
6 except if you run the endpoint on localhost.
7 Results in queries that are web urls now link to those urls and are not described.
8 The describe functionality can be accessed through the menu bar.
11 * Version 3.2.9 released.
13 * Added support for the following google chart types: PieChart,
14 AreaChart and ColumnChart to strabon endpoint.
16 * Added Timemap as new results format in Strabon endpoint. This
17 option displays results in a map and a timeline on the same time,
18 using the Timemap js library (
19 The KMLWriter has been extended for that purpose, by transforming
20 dateTime values that are included in the result set into the respective
21 TimeStamp KML primitive (
22 In the "temporals" branch, the values of the strdf:period datatype
23 are converted into the respective KML TimeSpan primitive.
25 * Added extension function <> which is
26 mapped to the ST_Centroid(geometry) extension function of PostGIS.
27 See also: <>.
29 * Added extension function <> which is
30 mapped to the ST_MakeLine(geometry, geometry) extension function of
31 PostGIS. See also: <>.
33 * Added PostGIS vocabulary class.
35 * Added support of all SPARQL result types provided by Sesame (json,
36 xml, csv, tsv, binary). To get the respective writer, just prepend the
37 string "SPARQL/", e.g., "SPARQL/JSON". This is to ensure that we
38 support all SPARQL result formats of the SPARQL Protocol.
40 * Fixed a bug where a non-implemented extension function would make
41 Strabon throw a NULL pointer exception. Now we get away with it
42 through a warning.
44 * Strabon endpoint now publishes the URIs of the supported units of
45 measure for use in strdf:distance and geof:distance functions of
46 stSPARQL and GeoSPARQL, respectively. The URIs are those defined by
47 OGC Units of Measure 1.0 specification which may be found at
48 Strabon endpoint publishes
49 the URIs at http://localhost:8080/endpoint/Capabilities.
51 * Created new module with name 'vocab` and artifactId
52 'strabon-vocabulary` and moved there. Other
53 vocabularies have been added as well, such as Simple Features, and
56 * Strabon endpoint now publishes the URIs of the supported extension
57 functions for stSPARQL and GeoSPARQL. One should access them by
58 hitting the link http://localhost:8080/endpoint/Capabilities.
60 * Support for parsing EPSG URIs in geometry literals with datatype
61 geo:wktLiteral.
62 (bug #33:
64 * Endpoint Client now supports querying of Virtuoso and Parliament endpoints.
66 * Endpoint Client now supports store and update operations, but only
67 for Strabon Endpoints.
69 * GeoSPARQL functions sfCrosses, sfOverlaps, ehOverlaps do not use the
70 ST_Relate PostGIS function (bug #24:
72 * All Simple Features functions of GeoSPARQL do not use the ST_Relate
73 PostGIS function
75 * Added diffTime function. This function performs the difference
76 between two literals of xsd:time datatype and returns a literal of
77 the xsd:time datatype as well.
79 * Added a testsuite package in default branch. Full tester guide can be found
80 in README. Among other, most of GeoSPARQL compliance tests
81 (, pg. 53) have been
82 implemented.
84 * Changed the definition and implementation of strdf:distance function, by
85 adopting the definition of GeoSPARQL.
86 (bug #23:
88 * Changed the definition and implementation of strdf:buffer function, by
89 adopting the definition of GeoSPARQL.
90 (bug #35:
92 * Added geof:distance and geof:buffer functions, which have the same definition
93 with strdf:distance and strdf:buffer respectively.
94 (bug #32:
96 * Added a download button when performing describe and construct queries at the
97 endpoint.
98 (bug #38:
100 * Fixed a bug, where XMLWriter and TSVWriter did not return geometries with the
101 SRID.
102 (bug #47:
104 * Fixed a bug where the GeoSPARQL construct functions did not return the datatype
105 geo:wktLiteral datatype but strdf:WKT.
107 Tue Mar 26 13:28:26 2013 Pyravlos Team
109 * Version 3.2.8 released.
111 * Added support for handling (storing/querying) GeoSPARQL datatypes.
112 (bug #31:
114 * Fixed a bug in StoreOp that wouldn't close the connection, neither
115 rollback the transaction upon an exception. This had as a side effect
116 the abnormal termination of StoreOp (through for example the use of
117 Ctrl-C signal) which was leaving the database locked.
119 * Fixed bug where spatial aggregates (e.g., union) didn't work as
120 expected when the query didn't contain a `GROUP BY' clause.
121 (bug #22:
123 * Updated GeoSPARQL namespaces and fixed function names to comply with
124 the GeoSPARQL specification.
125 (bug #25:
127 Wed Jan 09 18:06:41 2013 Pyravlos Team
129 * Version 3.2.7 released.
131 * Add an extension function
132 <> for computing the
133 span (in milliseconds) between two timestamps.
135 * Added an <endpoint-exec> module. This module builds an executable jar file
136 with an embedded Apache Tomcat 7. To create and run the executable jar just
137 type:
138 $ mvn clean package
139 $ java -jar endpoint-exec/target/strabon-endpoint-executable-*.jar
141 * Modified strabon script and postgis/monetdb.StoreOP class to get an
142 option for storing a RDF file in a named graph. Moreover, the RDF
143 format of the input RDF file now is given as an option (still, if it
144 is missing, it is assumed that the input is in N-TRIPLES format). The
145 option for the format is -f and the option for the named graph is -g
146 (takes a URI as an argument).
148 * Modified the names of the stSPARQL extension functions that
149 utilize the minimum bounding boxes of the involved geometries.
151 Tue Dec 11 19:33:45 2012 Pyravlos Team
153 * Version 3.2.6 released.
155 * Modified the names of the stSPARQL extension functions to comply
156 with the OGC Simple Features Access standard.
158 Tue Dec 11 00:11:43 2012 Pyravlos Team
160 * Version 3.2.5 released.
162 * Added support for querying temporal information. This functionality
163 may be found in the `temporals' branch.
165 The datatypes <> and
166 <> are used to
167 represent periods and instants respectively.
169 The valid time time of triples is represented using quadtruples,
170 with the valid time annotation(instant or period) being the
171 fourth element of the quad. In the same way, temporal triple
172 patterns are used in queries to retrieve the valid time of
173 triples.
175 Some functions have been renamed (their URIs have changed) to
176 follow the names of the respective relations of Allen's
177 interval algebra and other functions have been added.
179 The following temporal functions are supported:
180 during, periodOverlaps, equalsPeriod, nequalsPeriod, adjacent,
181 before, after, overleft, overright, meets, starts, finishes,
182 period_intersect, period_union, preceding_period, and
183 succeeding_period.
185 * Changed behaviour of Strabon and Strabon Endpoint for connecting to
186 a spatially-enabled database. Only one instance of Strabon is allowed
187 at a time.
189 * Implemented a Java client for Strabon Endpoint. The client should be
190 used only with endpoint versions >=3.2.5. The implementation may be
191 found int the `endpoint-client' submodule of maven. Currently, only
192 querying of Strabon Endpoints is supported.
194 * Added support for requesting the capabilities of Strabon Endpoint
195 (fixes Bug #20 <>). See
196 changesets f840796400bf and ?<TBC>? for specific details and how you
197 can determine the capabilities of older endpoints (versions <= 3.2.4).
199 * Updated KML writer to include the projected variables of an stSPARQL
200 query in "ExtendedData" and "Data" tags. This is the proper way to
201 do it if we need to convert a KML to a ESRI shapefile and also include
202 such information as attributes for a feature. See related pages from
203 KML specification:
204 <>
205 <>
207 * Added user authentication for storing RDF data through Strabon
208 Endpoint. The credentials are specified in
209 WEB-INF/ file.
211 * Strabon Endpoints now limits the number of the results to a maximum
212 one. The maximum number is specified in the beans.xml file. This
213 corresponds to parameter "maxLimit". The endpoint script has also been
214 updated correspondingly; the limit can be given using the option "-l".
215 One can disable limiting of query results, by setting the "maxLimit"
216 parameter to 0. Addresses Bug #6
217 (<>).
219 * Added "Known Issues" section to README.
221 * Added -m (more memory) and -M (much more memory) options in strabon
222 script for out-of-memory exceptions.
224 * Fixed Bug #10 (<>). Now
225 KMLWriter handles more geometric types (other than polygons). See
226 changeset 9a3bfee64a39.
228 * Menu and navigation in Strabon Endpoint has changed to use jquery.
229 The menu is now populated using the queries placed inside the beans.xml.
231 * Added BrowseBean and browse.jsp for browsing the RDF data using the
232 Strabon Endpoint.