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Modified the version of each artifact from xx.xx.xx-SNAPSHOT to xx.xx.xx-BranchName-SNAPSHOT.
As a result, each branch produces its own artifacts that are independent from the artifacts produced by different branches.

NOTE: After updating the source code of Strabon to the current revision, you need to update the eclipse projects to use the new pom.xml files.
author Kostis Kyzirakos <>
date Wed Mar 27 12:47:35 2013 +0200 (2013-03-27)
parents 9c2beb4f05b1
children aec3a5c0d76e c07537d99e52 1ff9934f5896
line source
1 d98da2dead4b389fbd8f09f8ea373ac659af15a5 v3.1.1
2 0eaad7630a770a080250219af4cb0073f1f70b76 v3.1.2
3 e37b69569959cdc3eb85009cb20af199c4cfded9 v3.1.3
4 3d5afd337ccf9b777cc7e86f6334e5754a698160 v3.1.4
5 e986f499c057472c01a500b3a845b6b8905b3f55 v3.1.5
6 5a6948d2bfc5027b833d97276ec4e0e7ee1b292c v3.1.6
7 3eaccd928b81b85e19b0d929e364643d794a2aa5 v3.1.7
8 2338da4560729e5e48ef6822c516c7f1a4fc87db v3.1.8
9 30b26e89d0850f73d51aafb6e7450962e0bd64b8 v3.1.9
10 f98df7d45ce21e527813cfe46d60308ca68a228b v3.2.1