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split queryresultio-spatial into submodules (one for API that provides the stSPARQLQueryResultFormat and one for each writer implementation, e.g., XML, HTML, etc.)
Renamed resultio to resultio-spatial.
Renamed endpoint-client artifact to strabon-endpoint-client.
Moved org.openrdf.resultio.Format to eu.earthobservatory.utils.
Renamed and moved org.openrdf.resultio.stSPARQLQueryResultWriter to eu.earthobservatory.utils.stSPARQLQueryResultToFormatAdapter. This is a factory class for stSPARQLQueryResults.

NOTICE: You should import the whole Strabon project into Eclipse to work with this commit
author Babis Nikolaou <>
date Tue Nov 06 19:24:43 2012 +0200 (2012-11-06)
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1 Day Month Date Hour:Min:Sec Year Pyravlos Team
3 * Version 3.2.5 released.
5 * Implemented a Java client for Strabon Endpoint. The client should be
6 used only with endpoint versions >=3.2.5. The implementation may be
7 found int the `endpoint-client' submodule of maven. Currently, only
8 querying of Strabon Endpoints is supported.
10 * Added support for requesting the capabilities of Strabon Endpoint
11 (fixes Bug #20 <>). See
12 changesets f840796400bf and ?<TBC>? for specific details and how you
13 can determine the capabilities of older endpoints (versions <= 3.2.4).
15 * Updated KML writer to include the projected variables of an stSPARQL
16 query in "ExtendedData" and "Data" tags. This is the proper way to
17 do it if we need to convert a KML to a ESRI shapefile and also include
18 such information as attributes for a feature. See related pages from
19 KML specification:
20 <>
21 <>
23 * Added user authentication for storing RDF data through Strabon
24 Endpoint. The credentials are specified in
25 WEB-INF/ file.
27 * Strabon Endpoints now limits the number of the results to a maximum
28 one. The maximum number is specified in the beans.xml file. This
29 corresponds to parameter "maxLimit". The endpoint script has also been
30 updated correspondingly; the limit can be given using the option "-l".
31 One can disable limiting of query results, by setting the "maxLimit"
32 parameter to 0. Addresses Bug #6
33 (<>).
35 * Added "Known Issues" section to README.
37 * Added -m (more memory) and -M (much more memory) options in strabon
38 script for out-of-memory exceptions.
40 * Fixed Bug #10 (<>). Now KMLWriter
41 handles more geometric types (other than polygons). See changeset
42 9a3bfee64a39.
44 * Menu and navigation in Strabon Endpoint has changed to use jquery.
45 The menu is now populated using the queries placed inside the beans.xml.
47 * Added BrowseBean and browse.jsp for browsing the RDF data using the
48 Strabon Endpoint.