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date Wed Oct 24 18:04:57 2012 +0300 (2012-10-24)
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1 <date> Pyravlos Team
3 * Version 3.2.5 released.
5 * Added user authentication for storing RDF data through Strabon
6 Endpoint. Now,
8 * Strabon Endpoints now limits the number of the results to a maximum
9 one. The maximum number is specified in the beans.xml file. This
10 corresponds to parameter "maxLimit". The endpoint script has also been
11 updated correspondingly; the limit can be given using the option "-l".
12 One can disable limiting of query results, by setting the "maxLimit"
13 parameter to 0. Addresses Bug #6
14 (<>).
16 * Added "Known Issues" section to README.
18 * Added -m (more memory) and -M (much more memory) options in strabon
19 script for out-of-memory exceptions.
21 * Fixed Bug #10 (<>). Now KMLWriter
22 handles more geometric types (other than polygons). See changeset
23 9a3bfee64a39.
25 * Menu and navigation in Strabon Endpoint has changed to use jquery.
26 The menu is now populated using the queries placed inside the beans.xml.
28 * Added BrowseBean and browse.jsp for browsing the RDF data using the
29 Strabon Endpoint.