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fixed the tests of geof:distance and geof:buffer, that had wrong results due to the
conversion of the resulting geometry to the srid 3857.
The results are validated using PostGIS, where in the case of buffer there are
small differences in the precision.
Moreover, in the case of BufferMetresTest, there was no point in having as distance
1m, because the geometry did not change, so i added 55000 metres instead (about 0.5 degrees).
author Stella Giannakopoulou <>
date Wed Sep 24 17:43:53 2014 +0300 (2014-09-24)
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1 d98da2dead4b389fbd8f09f8ea373ac659af15a5 v3.1.1
2 0eaad7630a770a080250219af4cb0073f1f70b76 v3.1.2
3 e37b69569959cdc3eb85009cb20af199c4cfded9 v3.1.3
4 3d5afd337ccf9b777cc7e86f6334e5754a698160 v3.1.4
5 e986f499c057472c01a500b3a845b6b8905b3f55 v3.1.5
6 5a6948d2bfc5027b833d97276ec4e0e7ee1b292c v3.1.6
7 3eaccd928b81b85e19b0d929e364643d794a2aa5 v3.1.7
8 2338da4560729e5e48ef6822c516c7f1a4fc87db v3.1.8
9 30b26e89d0850f73d51aafb6e7450962e0bd64b8 v3.1.9
10 f98df7d45ce21e527813cfe46d60308ca68a228b v3.2.1
11 8378166a566968b5ba00683384605f6232ef0aaa v3.2.2
12 331163be068281f22f61b79b31484eb0f4cfc564 v3.2.3
13 66fbe30eb2e9dcd5c36bf29336efcb1bd3ce45fb v3.2.4
14 73521cf81d1383a7fd885de46ffd7ed6e844851b Teleios_System_v1-1-1
15 331163be068281f22f61b79b31484eb0f4cfc564 Teleios_System_v1-1-1
16 7089b2d52c7f36b40301063efc73476a093f2134 v3.2.5
17 97afadc6d589b318924ca774659418c055fdf3a0 v3.2.6
18 b3e0d7415823df2e814aa6fa45aa13374a81e706 v3.2.7
19 389213ce7843a9c490be447400c1a5c46d44cc96 v3.2.8
20 92b90ac06d39f8fcf76de046f22bb64526d5ff28 v3.2.9
21 e453684f594f568079ec28733e0a4a6df8be0e37 v3.2.10