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author Konstantina Bereta <>
date Thu Jul 18 16:51:29 2013 +0300 (2013-07-18)
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charnik@932 1 Day Month Date Hour:Min:Sec Year Pyravlos Team
charnik@932 2
charnik@932 3 * Version 3.2.9 released.
charnik@932 4
Konstantina@1235 5 * Added support for the following google chart types: PieChart,
Konstantina@1235 6 AreaChart and ColumnChart to strabon endpoint.
Konstantina@1235 7
charnik@1117 8 * Added extension function <> which is
charnik@1117 9 mapped to the ST_Centroid(geometry) extension function of PostGIS.
charnik@1117 10 See also: <>.
charnik@1117 11
charnik@1115 12 * Added extension function <> which is
charnik@1115 13 mapped to the ST_MakeLine(geometry, geometry) extension function of
charnik@1115 14 PostGIS. See also: <>.
charnik@1115 15
charnik@1115 16 * Added PostGIS vocabulary class.
charnik@1115 17
charnik@1012 18 * Added support of all SPARQL result types provided by Sesame (json,
charnik@1012 19 xml, csv, tsv, binary). To get the respective writer, just prepend the
charnik@1012 20 string "SPARQL/", e.g., "SPARQL/JSON". This is to ensure that we
charnik@1012 21 support all SPARQL result formats of the SPARQL Protocol.
charnik@1012 22
charnik@990 23 * Fixed a bug where a non-implemented extension function would make
charnik@990 24 Strabon throw a NULL pointer exception. Now we get away with it
charnik@990 25 through a warning.
charnik@990 26
charnik@990 27 * Strabon endpoint now publishes the URIs of the supported units of
charnik@990 28 measure for use in strdf:distance and geof:distance functions of
charnik@990 29 stSPARQL and GeoSPARQL, respectively. The URIs are those defined by
charnik@990 30 OGC Units of Measure 1.0 specification which may be found at
charnik@990 31 Strabon endpoint publishes
charnik@990 32 the URIs at http://localhost:8080/endpoint/Capabilities.
charnik@990 33
charnik@1004 34 * Created new module with name 'vocab` and artifactId
charnik@1004 35 'strabon-vocabulary` and moved there. Other
charnik@1004 36 vocabularies have been added as well, such as Simple Features, and
charnik@1004 37 GeoSPARQL.
charnik@966 38
charnik@964 39 * Strabon endpoint now publishes the URIs of the supported extension
charnik@964 40 functions for stSPARQL and GeoSPARQL. One should access them by
charnik@964 41 hitting the link http://localhost:8080/endpoint/Capabilities.
charnik@964 42
charnik@932 43 * Support for parsing EPSG URIs in geometry literals with datatype
charnik@932 44 geo:wktLiteral.
charnik@932 45 (bug #33:
charnik@932 46
kallirroi@1143 47 * GeoSPARQL functions sfCrosses, sfOverlaps, ehOverlaps do not use the
kallirroi@1143 48 ST_Relate PostGIS function (bug #24:
kallirroi@1143 49
kallirroi@1143 50 * All Simple Features functions of GeoSPARQL do not use the ST_Relate
kallirroi@1143 51 PostGIS function
psmeros@1176 52
Konstantina@1174 53 * Added diffTime function. This function performs the difference
Konstantina@1174 54 between two literals of xsd:time datatype and returns a literal of
Konstantina@1174 55 the xsd:time datatype as well.
psmeros@1175 56
psmeros@1175 57 * Added a testsuite package in default branch. Full tester guide can be found
psmeros@1175 58 in README. Among other, most of GeoSPARQL compliance tests
psmeros@1175 59 (, pg. 53) have been
psmeros@1175 60 implemented.
kallirroi@1143 61
charnik@927 62 Tue Mar 26 13:28:26 2013 Pyravlos Team
charnik@645 63
charnik@853 64 * Version 3.2.8 released.
charnik@853 65
charnik@926 66 * Added support for handling (storing/querying) GeoSPARQL datatypes.
charnik@926 67 (bug #31:
charnik@926 68
charnik@926 69 * Fixed a bug in StoreOp that wouldn't close the connection, neither
charnik@926 70 rollback the transaction upon an exception. This had as a side effect
charnik@926 71 the abnormal termination of StoreOp (through for example the use of
charnik@926 72 Ctrl-C signal) which was leaving the database locked.
charnik@926 73
charnik@926 74 * Fixed bug where spatial aggregates (e.g., union) didn't work as
charnik@926 75 expected when the query didn't contain a `GROUP BY' clause.
charnik@926 76 (bug #22:
charnik@926 77
charnik@926 78 * Updated GeoSPARQL namespaces and fixed function names to comply with
charnik@926 79 the GeoSPARQL specification.
charnik@926 80 (bug #25:
charnik@926 81
charnik@853 82 Wed Jan 09 18:06:41 2013 Pyravlos Team
charnik@853 83
kkyzir@801 84 * Version 3.2.7 released.
kkyzir@801 85
ggarbis@854 86 * Add an extension function
ggarbis@854 87 <> for computing the
ggarbis@854 88 span (in milliseconds) between two timestamps.
ggarbis@854 89
ggarbis@854 90 * Added an <endpoint-exec> module. This module builds an executable jar file
ggarbis@854 91 with an embedded Apache Tomcat 7. To create and run the executable jar just
ggarbis@854 92 type:
ggarbis@854 93 $ mvn clean package
ggarbis@854 94 $ java -jar endpoint-exec/target/strabon-endpoint-executable-*.jar
charnik@853 95
charnik@810 96 * Modified strabon script and postgis/monetdb.StoreOP class to get an
charnik@810 97 option for storing a RDF file in a named graph. Moreover, the RDF
charnik@810 98 format of the input RDF file now is given as an option (still, if it
charnik@810 99 is missing, it is assumed that the input is in N-TRIPLES format). The
charnik@810 100 option for the format is -f and the option for the named graph is -g
charnik@810 101 (takes a URI as an argument).
charnik@810 102
kkyzir@801 103 * Modified the names of the stSPARQL extension functions that
kkyzir@801 104 utilize the minimum bounding boxes of the involved geometries.
kkyzir@801 105
charnik@811 106 Tue Dec 11 19:33:45 2012 Pyravlos Team
charnik@811 107
kkyzir@800 108 * Version 3.2.6 released.
kkyzir@800 109
kkyzir@800 110 * Modified the names of the stSPARQL extension functions to comply
kkyzir@801 111 with the OGC Simple Features Access standard.
kkyzir@800 112
charnik@811 113 Tue Dec 11 00:11:43 2012 Pyravlos Team
charnik@811 114
charnik@645 115 * Version 3.2.5 released.
charnik@645 116
charnik@811 117 * Added support for querying temporal information. This functionality
Konstantina@848 118 may be found in the `temporals' branch.
Konstantina@848 119
charnik@849 120 The datatypes <> and
charnik@849 121 <> are used to
charnik@849 122 represent periods and instants respectively.
Konstantina@848 123
charnik@849 124 The valid time time of triples is represented using quadtruples,
charnik@849 125 with the valid time annotation(instant or period) being the
charnik@849 126 fourth element of the quad. In the same way, temporal triple
charnik@849 127 patterns are used in queries to retrieve the valid time of
charnik@849 128 triples.
Konstantina@848 129
charnik@849 130 Some functions have been renamed (their URIs have changed) to
charnik@849 131 follow the names of the respective relations of Allen's
charnik@849 132 interval algebra and other functions have been added.
Konstantina@848 133
Konstantina@848 134 The following temporal functions are supported:
charnik@849 135 during, periodOverlaps, equalsPeriod, nequalsPeriod, adjacent,
charnik@849 136 before, after, overleft, overright, meets, starts, finishes,
charnik@849 137 period_intersect, period_union, preceding_period, and
charnik@849 138 succeeding_period.
Konstantina@848 139
charnik@759 140 * Changed behaviour of Strabon and Strabon Endpoint for connecting to
charnik@759 141 a spatially-enabled database. Only one instance of Strabon is allowed
charnik@759 142 at a time.
charnik@759 143
charnik@688 144 * Implemented a Java client for Strabon Endpoint. The client should be
charnik@688 145 used only with endpoint versions >=3.2.5. The implementation may be
charnik@688 146 found int the `endpoint-client' submodule of maven. Currently, only
charnik@688 147 querying of Strabon Endpoints is supported.
charnik@688 148
charnik@662 149 * Added support for requesting the capabilities of Strabon Endpoint
charnik@662 150 (fixes Bug #20 <>). See
charnik@662 151 changesets f840796400bf and ?<TBC>? for specific details and how you
charnik@662 152 can determine the capabilities of older endpoints (versions <= 3.2.4).
charnik@662 153
charnik@658 154 * Updated KML writer to include the projected variables of an stSPARQL
charnik@658 155 query in "ExtendedData" and "Data" tags. This is the proper way to
charnik@658 156 do it if we need to convert a KML to a ESRI shapefile and also include
charnik@658 157 such information as attributes for a feature. See related pages from
charnik@658 158 KML specification:
charnik@658 159 <>
charnik@658 160 <>
charnik@658 161
charnik@645 162 * Added user authentication for storing RDF data through Strabon
charnik@662 163 Endpoint. The credentials are specified in
charnik@662 164 WEB-INF/ file.
charnik@645 165
charnik@645 166 * Strabon Endpoints now limits the number of the results to a maximum
charnik@645 167 one. The maximum number is specified in the beans.xml file. This
charnik@645 168 corresponds to parameter "maxLimit". The endpoint script has also been
charnik@645 169 updated correspondingly; the limit can be given using the option "-l".
charnik@645 170 One can disable limiting of query results, by setting the "maxLimit"
charnik@645 171 parameter to 0. Addresses Bug #6
charnik@645 172 (<>).
charnik@645 173
charnik@645 174 * Added "Known Issues" section to README.
charnik@645 175
charnik@645 176 * Added -m (more memory) and -M (much more memory) options in strabon
charnik@645 177 script for out-of-memory exceptions.
charnik@645 178
charnik@849 179 * Fixed Bug #10 (<>). Now
charnik@849 180 KMLWriter handles more geometric types (other than polygons). See
charnik@849 181 changeset 9a3bfee64a39.
charnik@645 182
charnik@645 183 * Menu and navigation in Strabon Endpoint has changed to use jquery.
charnik@645 184 The menu is now populated using the queries placed inside the beans.xml.
charnik@645 185
charnik@645 186 * Added BrowseBean and browse.jsp for browsing the RDF data using the
charnik@645 187 Strabon Endpoint.