annotate testsuite/src/test/resources/stSPARQL/TemporalRelationsTest/equalsPeriod.rq @ 1468:31466cac9cec

added correct queries and results for the rest functions that are not supported by PostgreSQL Temporal.
Also modified the name of the respective SQL function in order to comply with the script that contains
Allen's functions.
author Stella Giannakopoulou <>
date Fri Jan 23 18:40:23 2015 +0200 (2015-01-23)
rev   line source
sgian@1459 1 SELECT distinct ?x1 ?x2
sgian@1459 2 WHERE {
sgian@1459 3 ?x1 ?y1 ?z1 ?t1 .
sgian@1459 4 ?x2 ?y2 ?z2 ?t2 .
sgian@1459 5 FILTER(strdf:equalsPeriod(?t1, ?t2) && str(?x1) < str(?x2)).}