annotate testsuite/src/test/resources/stSPARQL/TemporalRelationsTest/starts.srx @ 1459:0825ee10ae10

changed the tests of the temporal relation functions in order to be compliant with the
way the spatial tests are organized by grouping the functions.
Also, since the bug with the time zones has not been solved, I removed the time zone
information from the test dataset. Finally, I added the results for some of the queries
which had empty results in the .srx file.
author Stella Giannakopoulou <>
date Thu Jan 22 13:24:43 2015 +0200 (2015-01-22)
children 31466cac9cec
rev   line source
sgian@1459 1 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
sgian@1459 2 <sparql xmlns=''>
sgian@1459 3 <head>
sgian@1459 4 <variable name='x1'/>
sgian@1459 5 <variable name='x2'/>
sgian@1459 6 </head>
sgian@1459 7 <results>
sgian@1459 8 <result>
sgian@1459 9 <binding name='x2'>
sgian@1459 10 <uri></uri>
sgian@1459 11 </binding>
sgian@1459 12 <binding name='x1'>
sgian@1459 13 <uri></uri>
sgian@1459 14 </binding>
sgian@1459 15 </result>
sgian@1459 16 </results>
sgian@1459 17 </sparql>