annotate examples/teleios/discover_temporalPersistence.rq @ 1426:014379fdddf2

fixed the tests of geof:distance and geof:buffer, that had wrong results due to the
conversion of the resulting geometry to the srid 3857.
The results are validated using PostGIS, where in the case of buffer there are
small differences in the precision.
Moreover, in the case of BufferMetresTest, there was no point in having as distance
1m, because the geometry did not change, so i added 55000 metres instead (about 0.5 degrees).
author Stella Giannakopoulou <>
date Wed Sep 24 17:43:53 2014 +0300 (2014-09-24)
parents 3980b4ac9276
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charnik@569 1 # discover hotspots due to temporal persistence refinement
charnik@569 2 PREFIX noa: <>
charnik@569 3 PREFIX strdf: <>
charnik@571 4 PREFIX xsd: <>
charnik@569 5
charnik@569 6 SELECT ?h (strdf:transform(?hGeo, <>) AS ?geo) ("Temporal persistence" as ?refinement)
charnik@569 7 WHERE {
charnik@569 8 ?h noa:hasGeometry ?hGeo ;
charnik@571 9 noa:hasAcquisitionTime "TIMESTAMP"^^xsd:dateTime ;
charnik@569 10 noa:refinedBy noa:temporalPersistence .
charnik@569 11 }