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2014-09-17 Babis Nikolaou removed dependency to gt-epsg-wkt and replaced it with gt-epsg-hsqltemporal tip
2014-09-17 Babis Nikolaou removed gp-epsg-wkt and replaced it with gp-epsg-hsqlopenlayers
2014-07-14 George Stamoulis Changed port in from 8080 to 80.openlayers
2014-07-05 George Stamoulis Changed localhost from to the respective localhost of the machine (static IP of a server).openlayers
2014-07-05 George Stamoulis OpenLayers cant create a layer from a webURL without a proxy, so I changed the funtionopenlayers
2014-06-05 George Stamoulis Changed the refresh interval.openlayers
2014-06-02 George Stamoulis Added timemaps. You can swap between simple map, and timemap with the boolean variable in Sextant.javaopenlayers
2014-05-26 George Stamoulis Map zoom to bbox of all layers when a layer is created.openlayers
2014-05-26 George Stamoulis Added some code in KmlEditor to apply correct styles on layers.openlayers
2014-05-26 George Stamoulis Fixxed the response time of the browser by refreshing layers on creation.openlayers
2014-05-26 George Stamoulis Added 2 files that we missing.openlayers
2014-05-25 George Stamoulis Added styles in folder tag for kml files that dont have doument tag.openlayers
2014-05-24 George Stamoulis Fixxed the functions that change colors in the kml.openlayers
2014-05-23 George Stamoulis New version using openlayers.openlayers
2014-03-07 George Garbis Remove useless debug messageextra-functionality
2014-03-07 George Garbis Add files from previous changesetextra-functionality
2014-03-07 George Garbis Fix "KML Translator" based on datatypesextra-functionality
2014-03-07 George Garbis Time Manipulation sets data time in center of the Timelineextra-functionality
2014-03-02 George Garbis mergeextra-functionality
2014-03-02 George Garbis Add null check for png images in SPARQL queryextra-functionality
2014-03-02 George Garbis mergeextra-functionality
2014-03-02 George Garbis When a temporal layer is loaded timeline is centered to its latest timeextra-functionality
2014-03-02 George Garbis comment debug messagesextra-functionality
2014-03-02 George Garbis Fix zoom level over Hymettusextra-functionality
2014-03-02 George Garbis Remove debug messagesextra-functionality
2013-12-31 George Garbis Add tabs for SWeFSextra-functionality
2013-12-31 George Garbis Add mapColor functionalityextra-functionality
2013-12-27 George Garbis Put TimeManipulation outside of the Stack Panelextra-functionality
2013-12-03 George Garbis mergetemporal
2013-12-03 George Garbis Sextant overlayes a png image if its url is value of a variable named 'image'extra-functionality
2013-11-26 George Garbis Finalize time manipulationextra-functionality
2013-11-26 George Garbis Add button image filesextra-functionality
2013-11-23 George Garbis Add images for media buttonsextra-functionality
2013-11-23 George Garbis Add time navigationextra-functionality
2013-11-22 George Garbis 1. Fix refresh when 'Save changes' is pressedextra-functionality
2013-11-21 George Garbis Add context color functionality to temporal layersextra-functionality
2013-11-21 George Garbis Add customizeStyle. Currently, only for a variable named 'probability'extra-functionality
2013-11-20 George Garbis Add development log optionstemporal
2013-11-26 Babis Nikolaou exception handlingtemporal
2013-11-26 Babis Nikolaou exchange of metadata information about a layer is now done using LayerDesc, instead of transferring the fields one by onetemporal
2013-11-26 Babis Nikolaou added MapQueryBuilder class that contains/builds SPARQL queries that when evaluated return map metadata (useful for building a MapDesc from RDF)temporal
2013-11-26 Babis Nikolaou added namespace for named graphs for mapstemporal
2013-11-26 Babis Nikolaou constructing a MapDesc object in server side is done now with 3 queryies instead of 12temporal
2013-11-25 Babis Nikolaou now communication between client-server for loading maps is doing through exchange of MapDesc informationtemporal
2013-11-25 Babis Nikolaou removed old communication code between client-servertemporal
2013-11-25 Babis Nikolaou now MapDesc contains a list of LayerDesc for keeping the metadata of a Layer of a Map. Client-server communication has been updated appropriately for the case of opening a map from a URLtemporal
2013-11-23 Babis Nikolaou added class MapDesc in newly created "shared" package. MapDesc should be used by both the client and server to communicate map data. Integrated (partially) into the server/client communication when a map is loaded from a URL. Implemented also readonly functionality for a map. When a map is readonly, then one cannot save any modification that has madetemporal
2013-11-20 Babis Nikolaou added <> property for the Map class to the Map vocabularytemporal
2013-10-25 Babis Nikolaou updated BUGS and TODOtemporal
2013-10-25 Babis Nikolaou updated ChangeLogtemporal
2013-10-20 Babis Nikolaou [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iterationtemporal
2013-10-20 Babis Nikolaou [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag v2.0temporal
2013-10-20 Babis Nikolaou [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v2.0temporal v2.0
2013-10-20 Babis Nikolaou change dependency to micromata to use the release version 2.2.0temporal
2013-10-20 Babis Nikolaou updated pom to use latest version of Strabon-temporalstemporal
2013-10-20 Babis Nikolaou added AUTHORS filestemporal
2013-10-20 Babis Nikolaou added the developers into pom.xmltemporal
2013-10-20 Babis Nikolaou updated pomtemporal
2013-10-20 Babis Nikolaou merge and updated ChangeLogdefault
2013-10-20 Babis Nikolaou updated ChangeLog